100,000 new Iraqi Dinar (25,000 x 4) Purchased from bank, circulated

100,000 new Iraqi Dinar (25,000 x 4) Purchased from bank, circulated

4 X 25,000 = 100,000 Iraqi Dinar Banknotes, purchased from the FIFTH THIRD BANK. (17th largest U.S. bank) 7 day auction NO RESERVE

100% Genuine with several security features insuring its authenticity. Bills are in sequential order.

1. Ultraviolet feature that glows the denomination value.

2. Security thread. (Note: Security thread is visible on one of the pictured bills in 2nd picture)3. Horse head watermark.4. Color changing symbol.5. Raised numerals.6. Metalic ink on emblem.All items shipped by USPS Mail with Delivery Confirmation and shipped ONLY with the US.

Facts to consider before purchasing
There was a time when Iraq was a leader in its region, and for every 1 Iraqi Dinar you exchanged, you would receive an outstanding $3.20US making EACH 25,000 bill worth $80,000.
The question that we often hear these days, is, “Will Iraq regain its economic strength?”
I, like so many other forward-thinking investors believe that there is great potential for this country to expand due to its oil wealth.

Do I think the amount will go to $3.20 again? No, not a chance! Yet with so much natural resources and the DRAMATIC INCREASE in currency/gold reserves of the county has gone up significantly in past few years. (please google to verify)

The New Iraqi

currency is one of speculation with incredible upsides.┬áMesopotamia is one of the finest areas of the globe, and excluding petroleum, there are other natural resources in addition to the brilliant Iraqi brains, that can make Iraq one of the strongest economies in the world in a very short period of time. Also, take into consideration that Iraq was the world’s largest producer & exporter of dates and that over 600 varieties of palm trees are grown in-country. If managed properly this alone can help Iraq get back on its feet in no time!
As we all know, Iraq floats over a lake of oil, and its reserve is sufficient to feed the world need for decades to come. An important factor in helping regain its strength back in an even shorter period of time!
An estimated $33 billion have already been collected for the process of reconstruction, and Companies like Coca-Cola, Chevron Texaco, Alabama Blount4 Inc. are investing!!!Best of luck in your bidding!!

The Iraqi paper money has been one of the hottest items sold on eBay since April 2003, and I strongly believe from my own personal experience that it would be an excellent re-selling opportunity, especially now that prices are still low!